Wireless remote control key fob

Control your Honeywell Home home alarm system from up to 150m away with the HS3FOB1S Wireless remote control key fob. Arm and disarm the alarm with just one push of a button, or activate At Home Zoning Mode from the comfort of your bed.

  • *Both HS3FOB1S and HS3FOB1N are identical and interchangeable, the only difference are the other European languages on the packaging.
Up to 150m Wireless Range


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Easy To Install

All Honeywell Home push buttons and accessories are easy to install, with optional screw-free installation and an easy open battery compartment so you can be set up in minutes. All this is backed up by our 2 year product guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

How to?
Can I use more than one Remote Control to operate the alarm system?

Yes. Honeywell Home's Quick Start Alarms (Siren based alarms) support up to 6 remote control key fobs. Apartment Alarm and Home Alarm Kits (Keypad-based alarms) support up to 5 remote control key fobs.

I have a Honeywell Quick Start Alarm Kit (Siren-based alarm), and none of the Remote Controls are linked. How do I link the remote control key fob to the Siren?
  1. Unscrew and remove the battery cover on the Siren

    bss_external_siren_8 ka_configuring_siren_4

  2. Locate the row of DIP switches and ensure DIP switch 5 is set to 'ON'


  3. Locate the 'LEARN' button inside the battery compartment of the Siren.
  4. Press and hold the 'LEARN' button for 5 seconds


  5. The Siren will emit a single short beep and both the Comfort LEDs and the Learn LED will flash together slowly once every 2 seconds. The Siren will remain in Learn Mode for 30 seconds.

  6. Press the Disarm button on the remote control key fob once


  7. The Siren will respond by beeping.
What should I do when the Keypad not responding to the Remote Control key fob?

First, check the following:

  1. Batteries isolation tabs on the keypad and remote control have been removed.
  2. Batteries in both the keypad and remote control are not flat.
  3. Remote Control is within effective wireless range of the keypad.

If the above steps do not work, you may need to re-link the remote control to the keypad:

  1. Enter Programming mode by pressing the Programme button followed by swiping a contactless tag or entering your PIN code. The keypad will play a melody to indicate success.

    ka_user_pin_code_reset_1 ka_test_mode_2 ka_test_mode_3

  2. Press the 'Disarm' button on the remote control, and the keypad will play a melody to indicate success.

    ka_programming_mode_31 ka_programming_mode_50

  3. Press the programme button again to exit Programming Mode.

Why is the LED indicator on the Remote Control not illuminating when I press a button?
  1. Ensure the battery is inserted correctly by checking the polarity.
  2. The battery could be flat - replace the battery.

    ka_maintenance_4 ka_maintenance_5 ka_maintenance_6
What Guarantee does Honeywell offer on the range of Doorbells, Alarms and accessories?

Honeywell Home offers a 2 year Guarantee on all Doorbell kits, Alarm kits, and accessories.

Where can I get a copy of the installation guide?

The Quick Start Guides and Installation Manuals are available from this website. Please refer to the relevant product page or further down in this Support Section.

What should I do with the old batteries?
All old batteries must be disposed of safely using the facilities available in your region.