Wireless solar siren

The HS3SS1S Wireless solar siren is the ideal expansion accessory for larger family homes. It’s also maintenance free, thanks to robust solar charging technology. Simply link it to your existing Honeywell Home home alarm, and the loud 105dB alert will warn you during emergencies, while intermittent flashing LEDs provide a distinct and visible outdoor deterrent to potential intruders.

Up to 200m Wireless Range


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Easy To Install

All Honeywell Home push buttons and accessories are easy to install, with optional screw-free installation and an easy open battery compartment so you can be set up in minutes. All this is backed up by our 2 year product guarantee.

Quick Start GuideSafety & GuaranteeData SheetInstruction Manual

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Wireless Solar Siren
  • 3 x Security Window Stickers
  • 1 x 6V 2100mAH NiMH Battery, 1 x 9V PP3 (6LR61) Battery
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x Safety & Guarantee
  • 1 x Declaration of Conformity

Frequently asked questions

Is there an alternative option to the Wireless Battery Siren supplied with my system?

Yes, the Wireless Solar Siren (HS3SS1x) is compatible with all Honeywell Home Home Alarm systems.

Please visit the Accessories section to view this product.

Can I use more than one Siren with the same Keypad?

Yes. This will allow you to place Sirens in distant parts of the property outdoors.

Please visit the Accessories section to view these products. The sirens available are dummy siren (HS3DS1x), wireless battery siren (HS3BS1x), and wireless solar siren (HS3SS1x)

Where is a suitable place to install the solar siren?

As the solar siren needs sunlight to recharge the battery, it is best to avoid shady areas and install it in a place where it can get plenty of sunlight. The solar siren needs a LUX level of approximately 4900 and above for it to recharge effectively.

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What maintenance does the Solar Siren require?

Honeywell Home recommmends that you clean the solar panel using a soft, damp cloth once every 6 months to ensure the solar panel maintains a good charging performance. Do not use abrasive, solvent‐based or aerosol cleaners.

What Guarantee does Honeywell offer on the range of Doorbells, Alarms and accessories?

Honeywell Home offers a 2 year Guarantee on all Doorbell kits, Alarm kits, and accessories.

Where can I get a copy of the installation guide?

The Quick Start Guides and Installation Manuals are available from this website. Please refer to the relevant product page or further down in this Support Section.

What should I do with the old batteries?
All old batteries must be disposed of safely using the facilities available in your region.