Honeywell Home Wireless Alarms

See how simple and intuitive wireless home security can be.

Quick Start Alarm Kits

Specifically designed for smaller houses, our Honeywell Home Quick Start Alarm Kits are incredibly easy to set up and use. There’s no keypad to operate, so simply install the siren, motion sensors, and door and window sensors and you’re ready to go.

Apartment Alarm Kits

Honeywell Home Apartment Alarm Kits have been designed to install in less than 30 minutes. The innovative keypad functions as an internal siren, so there’s no external siren to install. All batteries and fixings are included, so simply set up the keypad and sensors and you’re ready to go.

Home Alarm Kits

Easy and convenient to use, these Home Alarm Kits have been designed with your family in mind. There’s a range of control options to choose from such as remote control fobs and contactless tags, and if you have a garden, a dummy siren is available to act as a visible deterrent for the back of your house.