How do I change the batteries on the Keypad?

  1. Enter Programming mode by pressing the Programme button followed by swiping a contactless tag or entering your PIN code. The keypad will play a melody to indicate success.

    ka_user_pin_code_reset_1 ka_test_mode_2 ka_test_mode_3

  2. Remove the Keypad from the wall bracket by pushing it up and towards you.

    ka_maintenance_14 ka_maintenance_15

  3. Unscrew the battery cover and replace the batteries, ensuring the polarity is correct.

    ka_maintenance_16 ka_maintenance_17

  4. Replace the battery cover and secure the Keypad on the wall bracket.


  5. Exit programming mode by pressing the Programme button again.


    Note: If the Tamper alarm is triggered when refitting the Keypad to the wall, then press the ‘Disarm’ button followed by entering the PIN code or using a Contactless Tag to silence the alarm.