How do I improve my heating system efficiency?

Prevent waste 
Only heat those areas where it is necessary. Zone off other areas and provide background (or setback) heating to prevent damp.
Prevent overheating
Adjust your heating so that it does not overheat your home before you get up in the morning. This means that you need to check to see what the weather is likely to do each night and adjust the start time for the next day, or you can just fit a programmable room thermostat with Optimum Start. This learns the heat up characteristics of your home and adjusts the start time each day to suit the conditions.
Make heat more efficiently
Modern condensing boilers need modern controls to help them to operate at higher efficiency. Advanced controls which use Time Proportional and Integral (TPI) control technology will help to keep the flow temperature returning to the boiler below the dew point (55°C) which means that the boiler can operate in its condensing mode more frequently. This is how the boiler becomes more efficient. How can this be done? By adding controls.