How do I know when to change the batteries?

All battery-powered devices in your Honeywell Home home alarm system have a low battery indication as follows:

  • Door and window sensors – The LED on the sensor will flash x3 when opening the door/window.
  • Motion sensors – The LED in the window of the sensor will flash x3 after detecting a person’s movement.
  • Remote control – The LED will flash x3 after pressing any button.
  • Keypad – The low battery indicator icon ka_low_battery will illuminate. 
  • Battery Siren – For Siren alarm kits or when in Control Unit mode, the Siren will produce 3 beeps after the disarm button is pressed. When the Siren is in Siren mode, the batteries will need replacing when the comfort LEDs stop flashing.

Typical household batteries should last up to 12 months for the keypad and 18-24 months for all other devices.

Battery Siren Up to 18 month
Door Window Contact Detector Up to 2 years
PIR Movement Detector Up to 2 years
Remote Control Up to 2 years
Keypad Up to 12 months