How do I link a Honeywell wireless siren to my Honeywell Apartment Alarm Kit or Home Alarm Kit?

  1. Enter Programming mode by pressing the Programme button followed by swiping a contactless tag or entering your PIN code. The keypad will play a melody to indicate success.

    ka_user_pin_code_reset_1 ka_test_mode_2 ka_programming_mode_3

  2. Remove the battery cover on the rear of the Siren and locate the row of dip switches. Ensure that dip switch 5 is set to the OFF position as shown in the diagram.


  3. Locate the Learn button on the rear of the Siren, to the left of the row of dip switches. Press and hold for 5 seconds. The siren will beep once to indicate it is in Learn mode, and the LEDs will start flashing.

    ka_programming_mode_38 bss_external_siren_21

  4. Press the Arm button on the keypad within 30 seconds. The siren will confirm that it has been linked to the keypad by producing a series of beeps.

    ka_programming_mode_39 ka_programming_mode_40

  5. After 30 seconds, the keypad will play a melody. You can now exit programming mode on the keypad by pressing the Programme button again.

    ka_test_mode_7 ka_user_pin_code_reset_1