I have a large property and am concerned that a wireless doorbell may not be suitable. What is the longest wireless range available in the range of Honeywell wireless doorbells?

The longest wireless range available on a Honeywell Home wireless doorbell is 200m (measured in open field). However, the range can be extended up to 400m by adding a second wireless doorbell in the chain, if the primary Doorbell is a Series 9 Doorbell which has the Range Extender feature that will pass the signal on to the next doorbell in the chain. Please refer to table below:

Series 9 Doorbells Up to 200m (Up to 400m with second doorbell linked)
Series 5 Doorbells Up to 150m
Series 3 Doorbells  Up to 150m

Note: The wireless range of doorbells is reduced by the materials it has to pass through. In addition, metal items such as radiators, mirror backing or foil backed plaster board situated between the push button and the doorbell can block the signal.