My Honeywell Wired Doorbell has stopped working. What could be the problem?

  1. Check to see if the bell wires are firmly connected at both ends – at the Wired Push Button and the Wired Doorbell bracket, and not dislodged. If not, reconnect the bell wires.
  2. Check if the Wired Doorbell is connected to the wired bracket properly. If not, reconnect the doorbell to the bracket.
  3. Check to see if there are any signs of corrosion or contamination on the Wired Push Button. If so, clean the corrosion and/or contamination off the contacts. If this is not possible, you may need to replace the wired push button.
  4. If the Wired Doorbell is powered by battery and not via a transformer, the batteries may have been depleted and you may have noticed a low battery warning light on the doorbell. Replace the batteries and reinstall.
  5. If the Wired Doorbell is powered by transformer, then the transformer may need replacing. (Caution: It is recommended to use a qualified electrician to check operation and/or replace the transformer)