One of my sensors is not communicating with my Honeywelll home alarm system. What could be the issue?

Check to see whether:

  1. Are the batteries low or flat? If you have recently replaced the batteries, have you replaced them using the correct battery type and orientation?
  2. Is the sensor mounted within operating range of the keypad? You might need to install them closer to the keypad.
  3. Is the door made of PVC? PVC doors and windows are often a problem. They have metal reinforcement and this will shield or totally block the transmitted signals.
  4. Metal items such as radiators, mirror backing or foil backed plaster board situated between the transmitter (sensor) and the receiver (keypad or siren) can block the signals.
  5. Please note that the operating distance of the sensors and other devices is reduced by the materials the wireless signal has to pass through. For example, internal walls may give around 20% reduction but this depends on the make up of the wall itself. The effect on the range of multiple walls is cumulative. For example, if there are 2 walls in the way, the range will potentially be reduced by up to 40% by each wall. Please refer to the table below for the attenuation characteristics of different types of materials.
Wall Type Range Reduction
Dry-lined partition wall: 10 – 30%
Single layer brick wall: 20 – 40%
Double layer brick wall: 30 – 70%
Metal panel/radiator: 90 – 100%