The Siren seems to be operational, as the LED indicators are flashing, but it does not produce an alarm. How do I fix this?

Try one of the following solutions in this order:

  1. Ensure that the Siren is within effective radio range of the Keypad or other Sensors and is not mounted close to metal objects which may interfere with the wireless radio transmission.
  2. The Siren could still be in Service mode. Try switching it to Operating Mode. For detailed instructions on this, see the FAQ above.
  3. Check the row of DIP Switches under the battery cover at the rear of the Siren. If you have a keypad, DIP Switch 5 should be set to ‘OFF’. If you don’t have a keypad, DIP Switch 5 should be set to ‘ON’.


  4. If all the above does not work, then you may need to re-link the Siren to the keypad, or re-link the remote control key fob to the Siren. Please refer to the appropriate FAQ on how to do this.