Why does the keypad not alert me immediately that a Zone 1 door/window has been left open when I try to arm the system using the keypad?

All wireless door and window contact sensors in Zone 1 have a 5 minute delay before alerting the keypad that they have been left open.

Typically when a family of 2 or more occupants leave the home, the first occupant will open the door to exit and then leaves the door open until the last occupant presses the ‘Arm’ button  ka_arm, which starts the 30 second countdown, before closing the front door. The 5 minutes will give enough time for all occupants to exit the home via the front door.

Therefore if you have opened a window or another door in Zone 1 less than 5 minutes before pressing the ‘Arm’ button ka_arm, the system will not alert you, and will continue to arm itself.

Zones 2 and 3 however are instant and will alert you instantly if any doors/windows have been left open when you press the ‘Arm’ button ka_arm on the keypad.