The Rondostat HR20-Style is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set periods during the day to tailor heating requirements. Suitable for the following standard radiator thermostat valves: Honeywell Home, Braukmann, MNG, Heimer, Danfoss.

Key features include:

  • Easy to install
  • 7 day program – up to 4 periods per day with pre-redefined factory time program for fast start. Automatic Summer/Winter time change.
  • Control range – 5°C and 28°C which can be manually adjusted at any time. Sensitivity within 0.1°C. Frost protection under 5°C.
  • Window Open detection – stops heating when an open window is detected


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Honeywell Home Heating

We have a range of heating controls designed to improve the efficiency of your home heating.

Easy To Install

Simply insert the batteries, set the time and date, unscrew the old thermostat control knob and mount the Rondostat (using correct valve/adaptor supplied). You will not need to drain the radiator if you use a suitable adaptor.

Instruction Manual