MT1 Mechanical Room Thermostat

The MT1 has a small, compact design and is incredibly easy to use and install. A universal thermostat, ideal for use with standard and combi-boilers, electric heating, cooling systems or heat pumps.

Mechanical Room Thermostats

A mechanical room thermostat simply switches the heating system on and off as necessary. It works by sensing the air temperature, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting, and switching it off once this set temperature has been reached. Turning a room thermostat to a higher setting will not make the room heat up any faster. How quickly the room heats up depends on the design of the heating system, for example, the size of the boiler and the radiators.


Heating or cooling control capability with 10°C to 30°C set point range. Built-in differential of 1°C and anticipator heater ensure accurate temperature control.

Ease of Use

Modern minimalistic design with simple, manual control. No configuration needed. Simple mounting and installation, with easily accessible wiring terminals.


Standard and combi boilers, electric heating (On/Off; Relay: 230V 10(3)A), cooling systems or heat pumps. Diaphragm Sensing Element – ensures close temperature control for all loads and applications.

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Easy To Install

Easily accessible wiring terminals and installation guide included.

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