Is your house alarm keeping your family safe?

14 January 2018

Is your house alarm keeping your family safe?

Safe, reliable and easy-to-operate House Alarms that are perfect for the whole family to use.

Your house alarm should act to protect your house, your property and your family too. But how family-friendly is it to use? And does it complement your home life and routine? We take a look at the best family-friendly features of Honeywell Home’s modern wireless house alarms that could change the way you protect all the things you love.

A recent study by Action for Children found that 80% of 11-14 year olds have working parents, and therefore require a key to access their home unsupervised after school. The term ‘latchkey kid’ isn’t a modern invention; it was first coined during the Second World War, when women took over the work commitments of the men sent to war, and children as a consequence found themselves home alone between the end of school and the working day. Even though it’s been done for over 70 years now, giving a child a house key for the first time can be a daunting decision, especially if there’s a complicated house alarm system to factor into the arrangement. But it needn’t be, with today’s range of smart, wireless and ergonomic house alarms that are easier than ever to use. So easy, in fact, that even a child can do it.

Contactless Tags

The concept of ‘tap’ technology has been around for quite a while now. We tap to gain access through security doors or gates, tap to unlock our phones or tablets, even tap our debit cards to pay in store. So the idea of ‘tapping’ to enable or disable your house alarm is a natural evolution of this technology. This clever little black plastic tag fits onto your keys, and makes arming or disarming your house alarm a piece of cake. Simply swipe the tag against the alarm keypad to disarm or rearm your system. No codes to remember, no series of buttons to press. It couldn’t be simpler. They’re perfect for children to use as they minimise the likelihood of accidental triggers through mis-typed codes, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be receiving any panicked phone calls about how to turn the alarm off! Contactless tags are also great for older family members; especially those who may struggle to remember an alarm code or a series of buttons that they need to press.

Remote Control Fobs

The next step up from a contactless tag is a remote control key fob, which provides the same kind of easy, one-touch control but gives you a wider range of options. Small, plastic and inconspicuous, remote control key fobs feature four clearly indicated buttons; arm, disarm, a zoning button, so that door and window sensors can be activated to secure your home once you’re inside, and a panic button to raise the alarm in case of an emergency. They’re perfect for older children to use, or great to pass on to a grandparent or neighbour who may be watching your children in the late afternoons.

Secret Knock

Even our wireless doorbells, which can be connected to work with our house alarm systems, come with family-friendly safety features. Our innovative Secret Knock function is perfect for helping children to identify safe visitors to the house before they even touch the handle. Neighbours, family or friends simply need to press the door push button three times in quick succession, and a pre-selected melody and halo light colour will signify that the person ringing the bell is a friend or family member.

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