Why a wireless alarm is your new holiday must-have

07 March 2018

Why a wireless alarm is your new holiday must-have

Flip-flops? Check. Passport? Check. Wireless alarm system to keep your home secure when you’re away? Er…

As the weather changes and the nights draw in, it’s time to start dreaming of late holidays and last-minute getaways to relaxing, poolside destinations. You’ve no doubt got your packing list sorted, but in your haste to get away have you considered how to best protect your home whilst you’re gone? A wireless alarm system could be just the answer. Easy to install and ready to work straight out of the box, they can be fitted in an afternoon. We’ve compiled the top five benefits to show why a wireless alarm system should make it onto your list of holiday must-haves.


First and foremost, a visible alarm system is a deterrent. If you have an external siren make sure it is placed on an external wall that is visible from the road or driveway. If you want deter potential intruders approaching from other sides of the house, then get a second dummy siren to place at the back of the house. If you currently have a wireless keypad-only alarm, where the alarm sound is generated from the keypad in the house, then you can also link an external siren to the keypad-based alarm with minimal effort.

Secure doors and windows

It sounds silly to remind you check if all the doors and windows are locked before you go, but it’s surprising how many people don’t! Never leave windows on the latch either, even if you think they are inaccessible. Use door and window sensors on downstairs entry points and connect them to your wireless alarm system. If they are opened whilst the alarm is armed, either fully or in ‘At Home Zoning’ mode, then it will trigger the alarm.

Don’t make it obvious

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Ask a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to pop round regularly to open and close curtains, turn lights off and on, and collect post that may be collecting visibly by the door. Give them a contactless tag or remote control key fob that is connected to your wireless alarm. It will allow them to arm and disarm the system without having any codes or complicated button combinations to remember. Also, be aware of what you post on social media. It’s great to share those gorgeous beach selfies and tropical sunsets, but you never know how far they will be shared or who will see them. If your local neighbourhood burglar knows you’re currently lounging by the pool, then they’ll know your house is empty and a suitable target.

Secure sheds and garages

Keep sheds, outbuildings and garages secure with your wireless alarm by using easy-to-fit wireless accessories, such as door and window sensors and external motion sensors. A door sensor will register when a shed door or window is forced open, and will trigger the main alarm. A external motion sensor is a useful addition too; when you’re home, it will alert you to anyone coming up the drive, but burglars will see it as another level of security and be discouraged by it.

Hide valuables

Finally, hide your valuables! There’s nothing more tempting than seeing something you want through a shop window – and the same applies to burglars. Although it won’t be a shop, it will be your living room. Keep valuables like tablets, laptops, phones, jewellery, money and other valuable items shut away in cupboards, drawers and totally out of view. You can even go so far as to hide all trace of these items, such as chargers or laptop bags, just to be sure.

Read up on more ways to keep your home secure from the Metropolitan Police , and take a look at our full range to secure your home today.