About Honeywell Home Home

Innovative technology for your home.

Live Well with Honeywell Home Home

Honeywell Home Home is a world leading provider of innovative technology for the home. Our doorbells and home alarm systems are designed to be revolutionary for a reason, to provide homes and families with the perfect balance of comfort, control and peace of mind.

Honeywell Home was established in 1885, and for the last 130 years we’ve driven our business forward to greater heights through innovations and a desire to improve lives. Homes and families are at the heart of everything we create. We truly believe that Honeywell Home Home products will make a family’s life easier, taking away those little stresses and difficulties so people can get on with living well.

Of course, if you want to make people’s lives easier then reliability must go hand-in-hand with innovation. You can’t rely on products that don’t perform to standard. Like our company, our components can weather the test of time; it’s important to us that our products are robust enough to withstand the rigours of daily life, as well as improve it. Reliability, quality and excellence are our watchwords, backed up by our 2 year guarantee, a promise we proudly uphold for all our customers.

Life in harmony with Honeywell Home Home doorbells

Honeywell Home Home doorbells represent the next generation in technology for the home – doorbells that not only adapt to suit your home, but have the capability to grow with your family as needs and habits evolve.

By taking Friedland’s 60 year heritage of creating the best doorbells in the world, and adding Honeywell Home’s expertise and track record in innovation, we’ve designed a range of truly revolutionary doorbells from the ground up that are not only stunning and incredibly reliable, but also completely change the definition of what a doorbell is capable of.

Honeywell Home Home doorbells are different because of their intuitive design and flexibility. They grow with your family, adapting to your home and lifestyle through a range of clever, customisable features so you’re always able to control how you use them. And thanks to Honeywell Home ActivLink™, you’re even able to link your Honeywell Home Home doorbell to your Honeywell Home Home Alarm system for greater convenience and peace of mind.